Saturday, July 31, 2010

just pretend it's 7 am instead of pm....

Been a busy day here in "gardenchickenpuppy" land LOL!! Woke up at 6 am (yes Miss G am) and have been going nonstop since. Had to run into town to pick up a new crate carrier for the puppies, we didn't have one the right size and they all go for shots on the 2ND. Plus we will keep this new one in the xpen with them for their little (not that little) sleeping den! They are sure growing and getting cute, I will post some pictures later (they are kind of like toddlers right now, you know where getting a standing still photo is next to impossible!!!! We are still keeping two, Kota, the female and Mo the male. Our very good friends are taking the last yellow male, he is the one I have been calling "Cuteface" kind of looks like the Marley and Me puppy, and so sweet!
They are naming him either Toby or Sawyer. That leaves 4 blacks, 3 males and a female. Have to find out of the people who said oh yes we want one are still interested!!
Update on the flippin chickens....we are NOT doing any plucking this time. The Amish community up here are so nice and one of the families will be doing it for us, they don't charge much and it is so worth it to me LOL!!! Thing is they want them delivered to their place, no problem but.....they want them delivered LIVE!!!! oh that should be a fun time!!
I see Mat has posted a few new pages, glad the frumps are behind you my friend, they are not fun! I think Miss Scarlett is still cleaning up after that party for Rhett!! Miss J is spending time with those 3 lovelies of hers and I am sure staying busy. Miss Carol had a loss of a family member this week, my heart and prayers go out to you and your family my friend. Not sure what Sylvia has been up to, but I did hear she was at Rhetts party so she still might be recuperating! Miss G has puter woes again, a virus, hope it gets fixed soon my friend, but until them Ladies we can breath a collective sigh of relief, she cant send us anywhere or turn us into anything !! LOL
well my dear friends, the puppies are about ready to eat so I best be on my way. Hope you all had a chance to make some memories.
As always dear ladies" Fill it to the Brim" every drop counts and is special in it's own way!!
Love and hugs to you all!

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