Saturday, July 24, 2010

I know I know.....

it's Saturday and I am actually here posting!!! Hard to believe it myself!!!!! Been a rough few weeks here, with the garden, the puppies, the flippin chickens....but things are quieting down a bit. Garden is in the growing stage, flippin chickens are in the getting big enough to ..well you know and puppies are turning into their toddler stage LOL they are eating more mushed up puppy food and that means longer times between feedings and more time for sleep(all tho some days it doesn't feel like it) They are getting so big.."Moose" is over 6#'s the rest are catching up to him. We have to make some phone calls this next week to have the people who are interested in taking one home come over and take a look at them. And yes we are still thinking about keeping 2 of them. I know your all shaking your head but our oldest girl Halli is not going to be here much longer and well we have had 3 so whats one more!!
We have Zack and Brick this weekend,(Miss KBB and Garrett are at Grandma Coles) they have been here since Thursday afternoon and will go home Sunday night or Monday morning depends when Carin and Dan get back. They left Friday morning for Hayward Wisconsin. There is an annual Lumberjack Days that they went to with some friends. They needed a weekend break, they really don't go many places and as a grandma I really don't mind having the kids once in a while to give them a break. Besides they have been great helpers with the pups and helping Grandpa with stuff around the yard.
Update on my foot...somedays better somedays oh not so good. I have to make a visit to the doctor something I put on my list! LOL
I hear there is a Birthday Party at Scarlett's parlor later today, sounds like fun, Happy Birthday Mr Rhett!! Thanks for putting up with all the ladies gathered on the veranda.
Miss Carol I think is off on another weekend holiday, have fun Miss C, stay safe! Mat is so busy, remodeling and keeping herself and her fur babies cool in all that heat!!(plus she is making some neat pages!! Sylvia has been busy with VBS and spending time with her cute granddaughter. (love the photos you shared with me) Miss Judy is making some awesome pages!! She called them weird..I called them awesome!!! Miss G is staying cool, plus working on some actions I sent her, which by the way you did a great job on that vintage album!! You go girl!!!!!
Well ladies, I have a load of laundry to do(puppies ya know) and a day to fill with memories so I best get busy.
As always my friends " Fill it to the Brim" never let a drop go by that you haven't savoured to the top!!!
Love and hugs to you all!!!

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