Sunday, May 16, 2010

Got in late last night....

driving home, if we could have put the car on auto pilot we would have!! But was being so tired worth the trip....OMG YES!!!!!
Being able to have lunch with Carol and Judy and Miss Gerri was awesome, even if it was at a restaurant that seemed to be named after the 4 of us LOL I wish your flash would have worked on your camera Miss J, but we will share the photos. Got to meet Judy's precious grand babies and they are adorable. Give them and Mike a big hug from me!!
Planning this trip, I knew I wanted to be in Ohio when Miss Doddle was going to be there too, and I am so glad I did. Such a lady, and such a big heart!! Sitting at Gerri's kitchen table with you and talking, well you made me feel like I had known you forever!!! Thanks for making me feel that way my friend. I missed you already when we took you to the airport!! Big hug my friend!!!
Then there is Miss Gerri and her hubby Al.....well let me tell you ain't lived till you spend some time with those two...(I mean that in the best way possible) those two opened their home to us and opened their hearts. Gerri even took the vending machines out and fed us real food(thanks Al) Dennis got to spend time with Al and his son, they went fishing and Dennis had such a good time!! Meeting Scott and him giving us those Buckeye Necklaces well what can I say, we met a great bunch of Ohio people and we are so glad!!!
Now we are home and back to reality, laundry, a little house cleaning but....while I am doing that I will be smiling...I will be remembering.... and I will be wrapping all that into a special package tied with a ribbon and put somewhere safe in my heart.
So to all in Ohio and Canada.......Consider yourselves HUGGED BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

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