Monday, May 17, 2010

Bits of a good time

Yup that was the motto and we sure did !! I am still trying to figure out why some of us are still in pajamas!! Oh what fun!! Gerri is right we laughed till tears ran down our cheeks and we cried when we had to say goodby. We used Depends and "Tassues" and enjoyed late night talks and then got up early to start all over!! I am sure our pictures are posted somewhere near the airport and Ohio border so they all know to watch for us!!
Lunch was so great! Finally meeting and being in the same place was awesome!! We finished lunch and took a walk by Creekside Park, one of Miss J's favorite places. Then on to Miss J's to meet her 3 precious Grand daughters. They are even more adorable in person!! It was so much fun meeting you all and spending time (which was way to short) Ladies consider yourselves HUGGED!!!!! And MISSED!!!!!

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Sissy Susi said...

Gerri, Judy and Carol... Thanks for making my sister Linda so very, very happy. You don't know what joy that fills in my heart to see her smile so much. God knows she deserves it. Now you ALL know how precious she is, especially to me. My best friend, my Dragon Slayer who I would be lost without.