Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wow it's early for me...

Thought I could get in here and get my ramblings done before the rest of the house woke up...but that didn't happen...We went to Carin and Dan's last night for a fish fry (Dan and some friends had been ice fishing this year and had alot of fish) friends and family all together. Miss KBB and Zack came home with us. They will be here till Sunday. I got up early (at least I thought early) made coffee and came in here....5 minutes later I was surprised by a little voice saying "what ya doin grandma??" a few minutes later another voice "hey how come every ones awake?" Oh well my day is starting!! and has I type this I am I am being seranaded by words such as "here comes hoppity bunny and Peter has a cotton tail" ok the words are alittle mixed up but she is giving it a good try!!
Hey don't ya just love the weather??!!!!! Warm maybe even hot for this time of year. Windows and doors open and the sun shining!! Could only mean a couple things...summer cant be to far away and........its that wonderful time of year here....wood tickywaspandbee season!!!!
Not so loving that part!! Yup dogs have been banned from the bedroom again!!
A few updates... Miss G is feeling a bit better, I know we all missed her big time, Miss Scarlett is busy spending time with those cuties of hers(and they are cuties!!) Miss Carol is working hard but finding time to take some walks with Charlie in this nice weather, Mat is busy with yardwork and her fur babies, Miss Judy is home from the hospital and letting her knee heal, and our favorite Cajun lady is celebrating a birthday( I am so glad about that!!)
Me??, well I am enjoying this weather(inspite of those bugs) and trying to get stuff ready for a trip to Ohio...any one know how to convince a Bear to get into a suitcase??
Well, Miss KBB is informing me that "it is way past breakfast time so I should get off the puter"
Guess my day is really starting. Going to make some memories I am sure!! You all do the same.
As always ladies" Fill it to the Brim" and know that every extra drop is a blessing and hold it close!
Hugs and love to you all!!

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