Saturday, March 27, 2010

The last hold-out

For the last week we have had temps in the high 50's even some 60's and it has been awesome!! A preview of better things to come!!!! But.... we have this reminder in our front yard of what was and maybe what still could be! This is the area where the biggest amount of snow gets pushed from the driveway and it was a BIG pile! It is taking some time for it to melt away, everywhere else the snow is gone, just this one hold-out! Oh well it should be in the 70's by Thursday and I don't think even this pile will be sticking around.
Dennis has been working on the sap, we did the first batch a bit ago and he is boiling the next patch. This year only 2 batches, not because the trees are not running but because he has to have it all done and everything put away by the 4th of April. Dennis will be having surgery on his left hand on the 5th. He has 3 trigger fingers that cause him pain every morning and 2 ganglion cysts that hurt all the time. So he will be lefthandless for about 2-3 weeks. Yes he is right handed so he will still be ok. I am not cruel, I know how bad these are hurting him....but I also know what kind of patient he will be...can we all say demanding, impatient, irritable!!! I love him but I see a few quiet moments in my future!
Miss KBB and Carin are both doing great in school, Beira is loving art class, she comes home with some neat new things and Carin, well she is coming home with A's...Dennis told her we would give her $1 for every A (you know how you do with your kids) well the envelope is getting full, she has not failed one test so far!! Way to go Gracie!!!
I want to take a minute to wish Miss Judy a quick and speedy recovery from her surgery! Thoughts are with you my friend. Miss Gerri...please get better soon, I miss you and I have all these boxes of unused Depends (stock in the company is going down and how can I build that bridge if I am not making any money) Get well soon Dear Lady, we all miss you so much!!!!
Well Ladies, have a few things to take care of today, so I best be getting busy, will make some memories as Sam the Man is coming over later with Daddy.
As always "Fill it to the Brim" take the overflow and hold it close!
Hugs to you all....Always!!!

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