Thursday, March 18, 2010

A busy Thursday at our house

Today is the first batch of Maple syrup for the year. In my kitchen right now are empty jars waiting to be filled, syrup boiling its last boil on the stove and two men who are sometimes a comedy of errors LOL. I am sitting in the office listening to them and trying to contain my laughter! Lee, a very good friend and the same guy who helps with the chickens is here helping with the syrup, he and Dennis get along so well its amazing!! Lee is in his 80's and keeps on ticking. I think you met him Gerri at my birthday. I have been cleaning the rest of the house because tonight Bonnie and Susi are coming up. We are going to have a girls day out tomorrow, nails done, lunch, checking out the mall...even Miss KBB and her Mommy are coming along. Miss KBB is going to get her nails done..and yes I will try to have pictures.
My ramblings on Saturday might be a bit late because we are going out Friday night and I might be a little tired!!
Take care all, if this nice weather holds up I will take a walk around the neighborhood later.
Hugs to you all!

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