Sunday, February 21, 2010

Posting this and then a date with a pillow and an Advil PM

The kids played outside for awhile yesterday. Our snow is no longer the fluffy kind or the wet packing snow...we had gotten some freezing drizzle and so we have sort of a crust on it..but they all loved it and had fun. Have some other photos to work on of Sam the Man and have started but will finish them tomorrow.
It was fun having them all here for the weekend, but this Grandma is a wee bit sore and tired...hey crawling on the floor pretending you are plowing snow is not easy!!!
Hope you all had a weekend filled with memories, this one sure was!! Did you "Fill it to the Brim"
If so treasure every bit!!
Type at you all later ladies, love and hugs to you all...Always

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