Friday, February 19, 2010

Our overnight guests...

Yup, we have Miss KBB, Sam the Man and Zack for the weekend. I know crazy Grandma here!! But the tired eyes and oh so sore body is also OH SO worth it!!
Have a question for you all tho...I took about 6 pictures of these two on the couch, I was standing in the same position, they were sitting in the same question is ...Do any of you see the perfect round orb!!! It is not on the picture before this one or any of the ones after this one! And no, I do not have a big spot on the couch, or on my camera lens. I have taken other photos of Miss KBB and seen small little circles, but never anything this big! Strange huh??
Well I best be going have to get some sleep b4 I face the morning with this crew, oh but first I think I will see if I can find a photo of a BIG SNOWBANK that I can place a certain lady from OHIO in ...Upside down!!!!! Get those boots ready Miss G..I hear a few more inches are heading your way in a few days hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!
credits- "Loversglade" kit by dac-fmcdesigns


angelscrapper said...

Well if you ask Chris, it is a spirit, and it looks like it is watching over Sam the man

Sissy Susi said...

What better reasons to be tired? You are so blessed, Sissy. I wish I had the amount of love you have around you all the time. YOU are the bestest "big sister" I could have ever prayed for. Love you!
(Patti is watching over Sam and Keira...always)