Monday, January 18, 2010

Miss Beira's first day at school...

No these are not pictures from her very best day, these were taken last week Thursday. But the kit is so pretty and with the four leaf clovers and all yes we are blessed and lucky to have this little one in our lives.
First day went fantabulous!! Mommy dropped her off this morning and off Miss KBB went, didn't even have time to give Mommy a hug goodbye, she was to busy looking everything over. Carin and Dan both went to pick her up this afternoon, and Carin could tell she did not want to leave but because Daddy was there she didn't want to cry or carry on, she just wrapped her arms around Carin's leg and quietly said " Mommy, I don't want to leave yet" They could tell she was sad so Carin told her the best part was she could come back again in the morning..well her face lit up and she was smiling ear to ear. Oh I think preschool daycare is going to be fun for our Miss Beira
credits- "Irish cluster" kit by Ivy's Inspirations

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