Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Ladies

We were to go to Carin and Dan's tonight for Christmas Eve, but mother nature and a stomach flu bug had other plans!!! We have icy roads up here and it is still coming down ( yes Gerri our second winter storm and this one is Benjamin) Traveling the 30 miles to Carin's would not have been fun. Plus Zack has a bit of stomach flu so we are home tonight. Made chuck eye steaks, salads and taters. Then just sat back and enjoyed a good movie on the Hallmark channel. No church services because of the roads. We thought about going to this little church in the Falls, but the county has not even tried to plow the roads yet. Oh the joy of living in the north, or has Miss J's hubby called it the "Arctic Circle"
Tomorrow Scott, Holly, and Sam the Man are coming for supper, plus more present opening. I asked Sam if Santa was going to bring him presents he informed me " presents...Trucks" LOL
Well ladies I would take my nightly walk but it is way to slippery out there so I will leave all the love and hugs and Very Merry Christmas wishes here for you to find. I love you all, Always!!
Hope your Christmas is "Filled to the Brim with Joy"

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