Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A couple few more...

To all the wonderful designers of these kits I used..I apologize...with everything going on I couldn't tell you my name let alone whose creative talent this is!! But a Big Thank You to you all!!!
Guess what dear hubby got me for our anniversary??? Yup, I hinted enough, I showed him enough pictures, and he got me my "1T" external hard drive!!!! Oh this is one happy scrapper!!
My computer is already faster and I have not even skimmed the surface of things I am putting in there!! LOL
Okay, off to do some housewife type things and then to Zack's school Christmas Sing Along later. Then yup you guessed it into town to finish shopping. Big cruddy storm coming our way for Christmas Eve, so might just be staying home instead of going to Carin's. Will let you all know.
Oh and Christmas cards, I promise you will get them before the 1st of the year!! LOL

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