Monday, December 7, 2009

I know it's Monday...

but did you ever have some days where it has felt like Monday all the time???!!! It's like I take two steps forward and then turn around and take 3 or 4 steps back! We got our tree Sunday,the kids went along, I do have some pictures and I will get to them (as soon as it stops being Monday) I put the lights it is a 7 ft tree, very wide, it fits in this one corner in the living room...I string lites, I have about 900 lites on the tree, little mini colored lites. Dennis stays in the other room while I am doing that, he knows when to stay safe! Well after the lights I always put on white garland that I have had forever, the garland is in the closet, yes the same one that ate the remote, it is in a box with other Christmas things....NOT THIS TIME!!! The closet ate my garland!!! Yup, it's gone...along with the box of other Christmas things. The closet is not that big, I have pulled everything out and no box!! I have decided the the elves were not happy just tangling lites they wanted more...much more!!! When I am done here I am writing a letter to Santa...suggesting he keep his elves on a tighter leash!!
Have a good one ladies I am off to compose!!

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