Monday, December 14, 2009

I know it's been a few days..

Sam the Man was over last night while Mommy and Daddy went to do some shopping. He took one look at our tree and just stared!! His newest word is "SURE" ask if he wants supper or a cookie and "SURE" is his answer, so when he asked me what the ornament was, that was our conversation. LOL Love you Bug, oh I have a feeling Christmas will be interesting with Sam and Miss KBB!!
As I sit here I am watching a mix of freezing yuck and snow come down. It is sticking to the trees and making the roads oh so pleasant to drive on. We ran and did some errands this morning that couldn't wait and now back home safe and all stay safe too and Miss Doodle, you stay warm up there.. and get that computer fixed!! Miss You!!

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