Saturday, September 12, 2009

Your wordart was perfect for this Miss Scarlett

And this is the cleaner spot on my kitchen counter. Dennis made pickles earlier in the day and then more juice. I swear we have enough juice to be set for life!!!!!!! See the tan bowl next to the grinder type thing...that's what I do, cut and chop...cut and chop...oh I could repeat that but you get the idea. LOL and the foot in the picture new pair of socks permanently stained with little red dots. I actually have a few pairs like that from over the years LOL
Today is a break from all things vegie Can we say "YES"!!!! We are going over to Carin and Dan's for the annual "BOOYAH" We have alot of (yes Miss G) strange things up here , cheese curds, brat frys, oreo cows, strange named beers...but the Booyah ranks up there with one of my favorites! If you click on the name it should take you to alittle explanation about it. Basically chicken soup that is cooked for hours in a 55 gallon drum. Dan and the guys have been cooking it since 6:30 am and we will be eating around 1 this afternoon. It gets better tasting thru out the day. We are also bring Miss KBB and Zack home with us (gives Carin and Dan a chance to enjoy themselves with all their friends later) so will be making some memories I am sure. I will take my camera along and get some pictures for you to see what kind of fun we have up here LOL
Well, I have a kitchen floor to scrub (it has the same red dots as my socks do) and laundry to put in(yup those socks) so I best get going. Go out and make some memories yourselves today...treasure them!!!
As always Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" what ever overflows...hold it close to your heart and smile!
Hugs to you all
credits- wordart by Miss Scarlett and background paper by Angelscrapper and elements by Miss Gerri (who should design some kits) (links are on the right)

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