Sunday, August 9, 2009

Storms done for awhile so...

decided to play around on the computer and add these two. The first one is another trick I learned from that class I took. So simple and yet I like it!! I hope Sam the Man and Miss Beira are always this close.
The next is Miss KBB. Carin wanted to do her 3 year old photos herself, so off to the park we went. Miss KBB only cooperated for awhile and then she decided it was more fun to pick up sticks or try and climb trees. The kit I used was by Gypsy Couture, it is called Daydreamer. I tried something different with the wa it is called "sidelines" What do ya all think??
Well, off to find a cool spot for the is going to be hot and muggy...will be not so nice.
Have a great Sunday Ladies!!

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