Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Rainy Saturday everyone....

Un real...first no rain(unless you count when Miss G bought it with her) and then rain all the time. Can't win!! Plus we have been enjoying a rather mild summer, no hot weather or humidity, and no storms. Well let me tell you that has changed over the past few days! On Sunday we should have a heat index of about 100 and the humidity will be up in the 70's. For those of you that are not weather savvy.....That means flippin hot and muggy!!!!!!! Two things I do not do very well. (my argument for not wanting to move to Missouri)
Update on the chicky wickies...Larry and the gang are doing well, growing like the little Piranha pecking things they are. They are into fighting with each other now, which is kind of good because it means they are to busy to bother with my ankles!! They will be 4 weeks old Sunday which means about 3 to 4 more weeks and they will be sitting next to some gravy and mashed potatoes!!!
The "fields" are coming along nicely. Have already done some pickles and beets. The onions Zack helped plant are so good. Hey did you all know that all peppers start out green? I did not know this. I picked what looked like an awesome big green pepper yesterday and showed it to Farmer Mac Brown, who promptly told me "Nice Dear, but that was one of the red ones" (I may be somethings but colorblind is not one of them!) The he explained how they turn colors. Who knew!!! Not me! It tasted good in my fried potatoes tho!!!!!
Great news this week about our dear friend Chris! Yes, God answers our prayers if we just have faith and trust in his will. In case I haven't said it enuf times "Thank You God"
Well, looks like my day is going to start, dear hubby wants some help in the back porch, think he is going to try and make room for the canned veggies that will be happening soon. You all go make some awesome memories, I am going to give it a shot too!!
As always Ladies "Fill it to the Brim" watch the overflow, it is usually filled with Blessing your heart will cherish!!!!
Hugs to you all

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