Friday, July 24, 2009

Miss Beira

Got this photo while in town with her and Carin the other day. She was so tired and finally gave in while we were waiting for Mommy to come back from an appointment.
While she was visiting today she had a bit of an accident, scared Grandma big time... one of the windows in our bedroom is broken, it wont stay open, I have a small piece of wood in there to hold it up, well somehow Miss KBB moved the wood and the window came down on her hand. I am so surprised it didn't break any fingers, it caught it between the thumb and index finger. We put ice on it right away and she took a small nap, she seemed fine when she woke up. Carin said she was moving it and seemed to be ok after they got home. Told her to keep an eye on it and let me know in the morning how she is. Needless to say the fixing of the window just went to the top in my Honey do list!!!
credits- 8 of 30 kit by cuddlebeezscraps

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