Sunday, July 26, 2009

Did you all think I forgot to ramble????

Nope!!! It was just one of those days where "Life" got in the way of other things!! Don't ya just hate when that happens!
We had Sam the Man over night Friday and he stayed later on Saturday than was planned, which is great cus I love having him here. Makes for a busy time tho and not alot of room for computer time. LOL Sam and I read books, played trucks, I did try turning the channel on the TV once in awhile,(he had been watching Wonder Pets) every time I turned it, Sam would turn, look at me and in this cute little voice say " Wonder pets??" so back it would go till I thought he was not listening...we played that game for about a half hour, till I finally gave up and watched his shows....I am getting really good at singing some of the theme songs from the shows on Noggin!!!!
After Sam left I had great plans to be in here....but...Dear Farmer McBrown had other ideas...we went and picked beets from the garden and got them ready for pickling. We now have 12 pints of pickled beets added to the pantry shelf. Oh and I believe my finger tips are a permanent shade of light red!!!
Have an update on the "chickie wickies" they have moved to a new stage in life..They are now officially called " Pecking Piranhas " They are losing their cute fluffy yellow feathers and getting the white ones. Dear hubby has had to put in the bigger feed tray, they are eating like crazy!!! Talk about ungrateful wow, they are getting really good at pecking the hand that feeds them,
Dear Hubby- " Honey, can you feed the chicks while I get the water ready for them "
Loving wife(also smart)- " Not in this life time bucko"!!!! They peck, they can now fly (at least alittle, and they think my hand is a giant piece of corn!!!!!
I will get an updated photo of the little darlin's on here for ya all to see!
Well, I best be starting my day, have a few things to get caught up on and yes the window is now fixed!!! Miss KBB told me that her owie just went away, I am so grateful for that!!
Ok, I hope you made memories yesterday, but go make more today!!
As always Ladies..."Fill it to the Brim" Find that comfy spot and just sit back and enjoy what you see! It can be amazing if you just let it be!!!
Hugs to you all

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