Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On to other things....

Our apple trees are very small, we maybe get 15 apples from the two of them...but...we get them!! This year maybe not so many, and my hostas....I have one up on the hill that gets so big, just awesome....not this year!!! It is chewed down to little spikes sticking out of the ground! Hostas are to a deer like chocolate is to most of us LOL. The other day Dennis was getting something by the sink and looked out the window, there he stood nibbling away at some bushes right in the yard. He got some good pictures of this little culprit!! The next time we saw him he was right outside my office window munching happily on some new flower shoots!!
credits- "greentea" kit by Blog Chez zaza, and "out and about"kit by Mel hains designs

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