Saturday, June 6, 2009

OMG I was surprised....

I will post photos later but for now let me tell you this has been the most awesome birthday! Yes it was "Filled to the Brim" and the overflow was unbelievable!!!!!
Having my family around me was wonderful, it always is but....... having Miss Gerri and Al be standing there when I turned around was well you will have to ask Gerri what the first words out of my mouth were LOL!!! I can not believe this lady convinced her hubby to take a road trip to Wisconsin to share in this day! Miss Gerri, you are truly a special friend and I love you!
We are having Gerri and Al over for a family breakfast in the morning (not to early, Miss G does not do mornings LOL)
She took alot of photos and I am sure I will be opening her blog very slowly for awhile LOL

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful pages and your beautiful birthday wishes. I said in my ramblings that I am Blessed and you are all such a big part of those blessings I love you all!!!
Now I am off to bed, have a feeling keeping up with Miss G the next few days will be keeping me on my toes...wonder how many restaurants we can get kicked out of up here LOL

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