Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to someone......

That be me!!!!!!! Yup I turn 60 today. Wow who'd a thunk it!!!!!
Been an interesting (to say the least) time! Started thinking about things that have happened in my life and would I change any of it.......I don't know, I would like to say Oh no, wouldn't change a thing....but hey be honest, who wouldn't want to change some things in their lives, or at least get the chance to do them differently! We don't get the chance to say "ok, didn't like these past 60, want to start over" I have 60 years of memories, not all wonderful, I lost Grandparents who I loved, a sister who I would give anything to be here today to help me celebrate, is what it is! I have a wonderful Mom, fantastic (altho sometimes strange )sisters! An awesome brother, a great husband( yes even tho he is the source of alot of quiet days) awesome son and daughter, and superwonderful grandchildren, and some on-line friends that are simply the best!!!! Yup, in 60 years I would have to say I have been blessed!!!!!! ( of course I am not so sure about the grey hair, or the achy joints)
Today, I am going to have breakfast with my most wonderful friend Shirley, she will be here soon and we will spend time laughing and remembering alot of good times. Later, it's over to my daughter's for a party with my family! Might even do alittle dancin'!!!
Would I change any of that.....Nope!!! I am going to go make a whole bunch of memories, I am going to smile and be so grateful that I have been blessed with every smile, laugh, and even tear that has filled these years...this is my LIFE and I am loving it!!!!
So to all of you who have been a part of my 60 years I say THANK YOU for making it one fantastic's to the next 60!!!!
As always ladies "Fill it to the Brim" and may you have an overflow that makes your heart do some awesome smiling!!!!
Hugs to you all, I love you!!!!

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