Monday, May 25, 2009

Bits of Miss KBB and Sam the Man...

It was going to be just Zack and Sam this weekend ended up being Sam, Zack and Keira. Oh it was a ...lets, interesting, oh my goodness I am tired...weekend!!! Zack helped Dennis split some wood and get some of the "Field" planted. Keira and Sam got along fairly well..except when they woke up from a nap and Sam tried to get out of the pack N play by standing on her head!!! Oh that was not such a good thing.
Most of the time was this photo I got of them walking back from seeing what Papa and Zack were doing. They walked back to the house holding hands all the way. I love this photo, my two little bugs, I am Blessed..Oh yes I am!!! (I am also tired!!)
credits- "Misty Morning" kit by Joni Gray digiscrap, word art is a new one I am working on.

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