Friday, February 6, 2009

Miss KBB is growing up....

she is now sleeping in a "Big Girl" bed. (She has that kind of crib that goes from crib to toddler to eventually full size) Her Mommy knew it was time when sweet Miss KBB woke her up at 1 in the morning not by calling her name from the other room ...but...from standing next to Mommies bed saying "Hi Mommy" LOL Yup guess it's time!! She is actually doing really well and staying in her bed all night (of course Mommy has gates up so she can't get far if she does decide to wander!
Well we have a heat wave coming for Saturday...43* omg time for suntan oil...well maybe not!!
It has been seems like forever since we have even been above freezing, I for one don't think I will be complaining about the heat this summer.
Well, I am off to watch "Ghost Whisperer" one of my favorite shows. So you all enjoy your evening, talk to you later.
credits- "Angel Bears" kit by Desejos & Sonhos Scraps

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