Saturday, February 7, 2009

43* for a high today WooHoo!!!....

oh life is good...if we just have has been so cold here, we have not had an above freezing day in like forever. Remember I said we name our snow storms, well they had 12 of them ready to go, we used 8 of them so far. Between the snow and the cold this winter has been oh I guess you could say the PITS!!!! But spring is coming, I am sure! Will I complain about the heat this summer after the winter we have had....oh yeah, it's what we do!!!
Reminds me...we live about 45 miles from Green Bay (a big town) I needed a haircut oh so badly, but with the freezing temps, a trip to town just for a haircut was not something I wanted to do. So...I started trimming my own hair....Ladies I am not a beautician!!!! You know how you try to curl the hair on top and it's to long, won't hold a curl..well I cut it. Then you know how the sides just won't curl...well I cut it! My next step would have been trying to cut the back and it would not have been a pretty site. I looked in the mirror the other day and went to the local phone book and called a place up here!! I walked in, sat down and when the lady asked what she could do for me, I looked at her and just said one word "HELP" hair is shorter now, poor lady did the best she could with what I left her to work with and no, I won't be posting photos, not till it grows out alittle. Dear hubby does not like my short hair, he wants long,flowing locks....Ladies he's bald, even at the length my hair is now, it's longer than his!
Well, I guess I should start my day, have stuff to do around here and have to run to the little store in town for milk and whatnot's...the whatnot's are Lottery tickets for tonight. Thought I would try my luck(hehe) Hey ya never know all might be reading a post from a future millionaire!!! Going to go enjoy the day, you all do the same, make some memories, then bring them out again when ever you need a smile!
As always Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" the flavor doesn't matter as long as you enjoy every sip!
Hugs to you all!

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