Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sorry I'm late but.....

I had to dig myself out of the snow that someone(who shall remain nameless..GERRI) buried me in!!! Yup 14 inches and counting, at least on my deck. Today it is 46, foggy and just plain cruddy outside! But never fear the snow will be back later tonight, right after the temps drop and all this melted stuff turns to ice!! Oh I love Wisconsin in the winter!!!
Yup, you all noticed I changed the look in here. I got inspiration from a page Miss Judy had made using this kit and from the elegant new look at CJ's. I decided to give myself a makeover, well at least the makeover would take alot longer!!!
Christmas is over for another year, hope all of yours were the best. Lots of family time and love, that's what is important, not what Santa put under your tree, or how much your MasterCard bill says you gave...but how you spent this wonderful time.
We had our family Christmas the weekend b4 Christmas, oh it was fun(see post of me in silly hat) it was noisy and alittle disorganised but it was fun! The weather was not the greatest and we ended up with 12 people staying over instead of just 4. Between people and dogs, there were bodies everywhere! But everyone was safe, no one had to drive in the snow.
Dear hubby is outside now taking the lights down, it's either now or sometime in June! LOL The inside will stay decorated till the 6Th of January...The Epiphany...then it's all back in boxes in the office closet. (didn't find the charger for the camcorder this year either) Hubby is also going to be scrapping snow off the roof, those 14 inches are up there too!!!
I should get going tho, I have about a gazillion pictures to go thru from Christmas and leftover ham to turn into pea soup and salad.
So I am off...memories need to be made, life needs to be lived! As always "Fill It To The Brim" , then sit back, put your feet up and simply enjoy!!!
Hugs ladies

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