Friday, December 26, 2008

For those who have none of this, thought I'd share...

I'm like that ya know, if I have something that someone else doesn't have, well I am more than willing to share with those less fortunate!! LOLOLOLOL
This is part of our front yard. I did a kind of double image effect on it, not to bad??!! Of course it doubles all that white stuff and believe me we so do not need it doubled!!!!! Last night I walked up in the area this photo was taken of and the snow was over the tops of my boots (and they are hip waders)only kidding! But it did come to the top of my regular boots. Dennis took a picture of the snow on our deck, complete with a ruler stuck in it, I'll show you that later. today no snow, just some good old freezing drizzle, nice change LOL!! Hope you all enjoyed a peek at our (cough cough) wonderful snow!!

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Glynis said...

That is sooo pretty! If we want to see snow, we go to the top of The Troodos Mountains, we can snowball in the morning and sit on the beach in the afternoon here in Cyprus. Our village is in the hills and we did get 3" in a freak storm last year, the Cypriots abandoned cars and froze!