Saturday, November 1, 2008

It is only the 1st of Nov. right??....

Went to Walmart yesterday, just needed some groceries and of course some T-lites( I burn those little wax tart things all the time, on any given day you can walk into my home and you will either start looking for gingerbread men or pinecones and a Christmas tree) I love the scents of this time of year. Anyway...On one side of the isle was neatly stacked all the makings for goodies for Thanksgiving, the otherside was Halloween candy and discounted costumes. Ok seemed right....but in the next isle was "Christmas Candy"...ok it is in my humble opinion way to early to be putting that out yet! Such a dilemma I am faced with...Do I buy the candy now when I know it is fresh(hopefully not just something they pulled out of storage from last year) or do I wait till closer to Christmas and hope that they have done some restocking between now and then??? Oh the choices one must make in their lives!!!
You all know we have trees surrounding our home, 9 acres of trees...which at this time of year means beautiful fall colors all also means 9 acres of leaves on the ground!! I know, I know..we choose to live here, so I shouldn't complain..God gave us this wonderful spot surrounded by such beauty...I just wish He would send us help to rake it all up!!! We have one area that still needs to be done and that is one of our projects for the day. Maybe I'll get some photos posted later of the fun we will be having!
Yesterday Dear Hubby finally did in the garden..Yup plowed it under for another year, now with the money from the winery tours we should be able to get lots of flippin tomato plants for next year (or maybe not)
Wanted to take a moment to let you all know Mom is doing great. She earned a green sticker for her door...she had a brown one in the shape of a leaf before..I will explain...the brown leaf meant she had to be helped to the bathroom etc for fear of her falling (get it falling leaf) now she has a green circle(don't know the connection) but it means she can walk unassisted to the bathroom and in the hall. I talked to her last night and you could tell from her voice that she was beaming ear to ear. Funny how little things can bring such happiness into a life.
Well Ladies, I am off to make another pot of coffee, start some laundry and maybe even get dressed for the day, yup still in my pj's.
It will be a good day, we have Sam coming over again later so I am sure some memories will be made, you all go out and make some too!! It's such a good way to spend the day!!
As always "Fill it to the brim" the overflow will be awesome and you will thank yourself in days to come!
Hugs my friends, always

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