Saturday, November 8, 2008

So far so good......

Computer is holding it's own for now, keep your fingers crossed or as my Mom-in-law used to say "Hold thumbs" ( not sure what that meant, but it was one of her favorite sayings) Such a week...The elections are over "Amen" it was getting to be just a wee bit to much. I was beginning to think that CNN was the only station being televised. But it was interesting and I was able to make what I considered an informed choice. If your candidate won..woohoo..if not..take heart maybe things will get better. Enough on that subject!!!!!

You all know that my daughter and her family are moving back to Wisconsin..I have such mixed feelings, as a Mom and a Grandma, I wanted what was best for all of them, so I had excepted the move and was sorry that it didn't work a Mom and a Grandma....I am doing the Happy Dance!!!! Having them all back here is a blessing, family is a very huge thing for me.
Speaking of family, my Mom goes home today, yup, she is doing so good. The knee surgery was a complete success. In fact the pain she was having in her back and neck are also gone. She will use a walker for awhile and more therapy, but it looks good. She is doing better emotionally too, which I am sure has alot to do with the prayers that were said(Thank you ladies).
Now on to another famous member of the family...Dear hubby.... He is painting today. You would think that keeps him out of my hair right!! Wrong!!!
He fell in love with the color "prairiegrass green" that Carin had in some rooms at her house, so away he went to the hardware store, he had a mission to find that color(this from a man whose idea of paint with color in it is usually "off white") Dear hubby wants to paint the main bathroom, which is fine by me. I was sitting here hoping the puter would decide to start working when I hear this voice...
Dear hubby- "ya know I think we should do the kitchen too"
Loving wife(who had in her mind her day filled with scrapbook pages and maybe a trip to town on her own while hubby painted)-" Why?" I hear these noises coming from the kitchen...he has started to take knick knacks off the walls and from the top of the cabinets! He was just in the bathroom..what's he doing in the kitchen??!!
Hubby- "Here dear, I'll set these on the counter and you can dust them"
Ladies I know I have way to many knick knacks, this will take all day!! I fill the sink with sudsy water, start wiping things down when that same voice coming from the bathroom says..
"Maybe we'll wait till next week to do the kitchen, the bath will keep me busy for awhile" Remember me wanting my countertop back during vegie season...well now my counter is filled with knickknacks, makes no sense to put them back!!! Think I'll get ready and go to town before another of Hubbies projects somehow turn into mine!!!
One good thing about today, we didn't get those 3 inches of snow they were forecasting. but it sure turned cold! Kind of disappointed I love the first real snowfall. You know, fire going in the family-room, hot chocolate, snow angels....reality check here...furnace running(gas bill going up) dogs coming in all wet and dog smelly, slippery roads. doesn't really have to snow yet!!
Well ladies I have a feeling my day has started, memories are in the making. Enjoy the day, do something to make you smile all the way down. Then tuck it away safe for later.
As always "fill it to the brim" and take the time to enjoy all of it!
Hugs to you all!!

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