Sunday, September 21, 2008

For Mary and Dave..

I've known Mary for oh too many years to count LOL She always talked about her and Dave retiring and traveling some day!! Well they did it. Sold their home (kept a place up north for a stopover spot) and away they went. These are some photos from their time in Alaska. From the photos and the emails she sends me ...They are enjoying every minute. They are "filling it to the brim" and beyond. They are traveling in a motor home, just the two of them oh and their dog. Seeing sites that most of us only dream about. From time to time I will add more pages of photos and adventures they are having. To my 1st class travelers.....Enjoy..have fun...and be safe!!!
credits- I used bits and pieces from a couple kits, plus some word art..none of which right now I can remember whose!! If it's yours..Thank you!!

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