Monday, June 23, 2008

Say hello to 35 of our new household members..

They are the cutest softest little things. Zack has named a few of them( like how he can tell them apart, I have no clue) We now have a "Flash" and a "Speedy" LOL The chicks are 2 days old and in 8 short weeks they will weigh about 8 or 9 #'s They are called Rock Cornish Cross. Oh now the fun begins..they will stay in the swimming pool for about 2 weeks and then outside to the chicken coop. Oh gee I sound like an old farmer for sure LOLLOLOLOL!!! By the way, I got the chicken pecking proof leather sewn on the hems of my jeans hehehehe
credits-"Just Chummy" kit by aprilmouse

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