Sunday, June 22, 2008

Evening all...

Between the weather being stormy or Zack wanting computer time..this is the first time I have had to get in here. Right now Zack and Papa are fishing. The storms have passed so off they went. There is a small lake not far from here with a nice dock they can fish from.
The page above is my son Scott and of course Sam the Man. He was so good yesterday( he did make up for it today while I was watching him tho) LOL He is such a love. His smile is awesome, he just has to hear my voice and it breaks out all the way from his toes. Yup he really does have us wrapped around those little fingers! Love you Sam big time!
credits- "Blue Earth" kit by a work in progress-designs by vicki
the word art, my brain has crashed and I can't remember where I put the paper with the designers name on it. But thank you!

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