Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday...but pretend it's Saturday....

I am issuing an all points bulletin.....someone has stolen my youth and I want it back..I am offering a large reward for said youth!!! Description of missing youth .....
it has the ability to stay awake past 9pm
it can sit on a couch with legs curled under a body for hours
it can eat lasagna followed by ice cream and cake and not have to take Tums when it gets home
it can follow a crawling 9 month old child around and never get tired
it does not consider the smell of Bengay a form of French perfume
it does not look at the numbers on the scale and say "oh, now I know where that donut went"
There are probably more ways to describe said youth but...because it is gone...I can't remember!
I am not asking for my entire youth to be returned, I am going to be 59 this year, I have no desire to be 18 again. I do not want to relive my life (well maybe a couple of bad choice moments) I would like just a sprinkling of my youth.
If you locate said youth, please return it to the lady sitting on the couch trying to curl her legs under her while she holds a tube of Bengay.
Well Ladies, I hear sounds from the other room and that means Dear Hubby and our dogs are awake so it's time to start my day. I am going to fill my day with memories, you all do the same!
As always...fill it to the brim...enjoy the moment...and then put that moment inside your heart for safe keeping! Love and hugs to you all, always!!!

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