Sunday, April 13, 2008

Odds and Ends....

Miss Beira, I know I have used this photo before, but the background paper in Carols new kit was screaming for me to use it again. Plus this wordart was perfect. Love you Beira!
I used "Mix It Up" kit by CJS's(angelscrapper) and wordart from elegantwordart

Babysitting for Sam the Man I have a feeling that is when my youth snuck out the door(maybe it ran, not sure) he can crawl faster than I can walk! LOL He is a hug! Love you Sam
I used "Hey Little Sandman" kit by Lisa-2006(hope that's right)

Garrett turned 10 this weekend. He is something else. His other Grandparents were supposed to come for cake and ice cream, he wanted that cake so bad, he called them(they only live 2 doors away) and told them to hurry up! Love you Garrett! Happy Birthday( don't forget to check the mail) I used "Happy BirhtdayCLD" kit by CathyAnn Designs I also used elements from "For Chris" by CJS's (angelscrapper)

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