Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As soon as I read the name...

of Pelin's new kit, Precious Treasures, I knew I would use it with a photo of my family. They are a Treasure and a very Precious one. This is a picture of my Mom, brother David, Susi, me, Patti( who we lost to cancer, but who is always in our hearts) and Bonnie. We are your typical family, we have had moments when to the outside world it looked like we could not stand to be in the same room, we have had disagreements(ok, fights) that were loud and sometimes hurtful. But....never have we stopped loving one another, or ever doubted for one minute that we could always count on each of us being there for the other. A family is never all sweetness and light, if it is, I don't think it's real. ( my opinion, I know) A family is made up of people, and people are not the same. They have different ideas, goals, and thoughts, and because of that, well, it isn't always hugs and kisses. This is my Family....for better, for worse, in good times and bad, I love them and they are my Precious Treasure!!
credits-"Precious Treasure" kit by Pelin (the link to her site is listed on the right) Thank you Pascale for sharing your wonderful talent!

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