Monday, February 25, 2008

Just about how I feel....

I have decided that germs can travel through phone lines, yup!! Has to be!! I have not been around anyone who wasn't feeling well. I only talked on the phone to my sister Bonnie, who was sick. I talked to Miss Beira on the phone the other day, she had a slight cold and ear infection. I have not come in physical contact with anyone having even a sniffle!! So why am I sick??
Whole 9 yards, running nose, chest congestion, headache!! Want to curl up somewhere and just suffer in silence. And yes, to those of you who remember my writings about Dear Hubby not taking medicine...I have taken the whole medicine cabinet!!!
So if I am missing in action for a few days you will all know why. I am leaving you all the biggest bunches of love and hugs to tide you over till I feel better.
Take care Ladies, love you all!

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