Sunday, January 20, 2008

No, your days are not mixed up, it's Sunday not Saturday..But..

I wasn't feeling that great yesterday. A combination of some sort of stomach flu thingy and one heck of a sinus infection. Today I am starting to distance myself from the "friendship" that was starting to develop between me and the bathroom, but the sinus headache is still there. The kind that feels like a ton of pressure everytime you move your head.(will get back to that in a minute).
Football frenzy here in Wisconsin...GO PACK GO!!!!! We (funny I don't play on the team, but it's still We) are playing the NY Giants today. We are playing for the NFC Championship, a chance to go to the SuperBowl. I am a Packer Fan, so this is exciting! The thing is, thanks to our wonderful friends ( you know who you are Carol) from Canada, we have been hit with oh my goodness COLD!!!! This morning it is -13 with a windchill of -33!! Not your ideal "Let's go throw a football around" weather! Fans will be at the game, bundled to the max, infact if you watch the game, check out section 321, row 5. The pair of eyes peeking out from the full face ski mask will be my sister Bonnie, I love you Sis, but you are flippin loopy!!!
As some of you know, my faithful Kodak was put to death by the evil White grape juice. I did get a new camera(loving it by the way) but then my printer died! AAHH Murphy's Law! Well, I did some checking and finally ordered a new All-in-one set-up. So it decided to come the day my head felt like it would explode if I blinked. I did something that I really didn't want to do...I had my Hubby take out my old printer and try to connect the new one. Dear Hubby is very mechanically inclined, he is great with carpentry and automotive things, repairs around the house, but and that is a BIG but...he has zip comprehension of anything even the slightest technical! Did you ever try explaining to someone what a USB port is, especially when your head is pounding, oh not fun!! My hubby thinks "direction manuals" were written for dummies...excuse me, but in this case yup they were!!! All the reviews on this unit said after a quick 10 minute installation, they were printing out pages....well after 10 minutes..hubby was still trying to find the USB port!!! After 20 minutes and a dose of sinus medicine, I was saying (in that nice loving wife voice(married women,you know the one I mean, single girls, you will eventually find it) Go watch TV dear, I will work on it! I love my Hubby but...10 minutes later I was printing my first page!! I am a happy camper!
Well, ladies, I am off to curl up on the couch for awhile. As always, fill your day to the brim, and enjoy the overflow of memories! Hugs to you all! Oh and don't forget "GO PACK GO"

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ScrappyMamaw (aka Jude) said...

LOVE this journaling, Linda! So sorry you are feeling so bad. I have lots of sinus problems, so believe have my sympathy. Now, on to the printer....I was yelling "no, Linda, no!!" when I got to the part about you asking Dennis to hook it up. He sounds so much like my Gary that I KNEW this was going to be a mistake.LOL I cringe if Gary even sits down at my desk..I'm so afraid he'll touch something and I really can't afford a new computer! LOL