Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Saturday and I have to tell you,I love to cook....

but don't get me near an oven and a cookie sheet or pie tin. Major "Oh my goodness" time!! My Mom is an awesome baker, she has even made her own cookie recipes, which are fantastic. She loves to make bread, she does the most awesome pull apart rolls, she makes dumplings that melt somewhere between the plate, the fork and your tongue. I grew up in the same house with this person, I watched her baking these things. You would reason that I would have been able to grasp some of this talent right? Wrong!!!! I can not bake!!
The other day I told Dear Hubby that I was going to make him some of his favorite butterscotch chip cookies. They smelled so good while baking, they looked so good coming out of the oven, they turned to stone 5 minutes later!. Conversation with Dear Hubby went something like this....
Loving Wife(me) "I can't bake"
Dear Hubby "So why do you keep trying to proof that"
I can take a piece of meat and do wonderful great tasting things to it. I love that. Chicken, beef, pork..they are all my friends. Baking soda, flour, sugar not so friendly!! It is not from lack of trying(as noted by Dear Hubby's comment above) Maybe I could blame it on our oven?! Nah, I had the same results with our old oven. Hubby's Aunt gave me a recipe for Pecan Pie. Hers always tasted so good, Hubby loved hers. I wanted to impress my Hubby..1st attempt..crust in the middle, filling on bottom, pecans on top (1 out of 3 ain't bad) 2nd attempt..pecans on bottom, crust in middle, filling on top! 3rd attempt..everything where it should be...but hard as a rock! No more pecan pie made by me(my daughter makes them now) Back in my single days, I didn't have alot of money and wanted to make sugar cookies...Do you all know what you get when you mix flour, water, and sugar together and bake it...SWEET HOCKEY PUCKS!!! Dennis and I went to Door county before we were married(a beautiful place here in Wis) we picked our own cherries(I felt brave, told him I would make him a pie) I planned a great dinner,(wanted to impress him with my cooking) followed his Mom's recipe for pie crust, put pie in oven, oh did it smell good! Before Dennis came over I decided to try a small bite..Someone should have told me that fresh cherries NEED TO BE PITTED!!!!! I went to the store bought a cherry pie, served it to Dennis, who loved it. He found out about that little switch about 6 years later!! I don't want you to all think I can't bake anything, but when I do have something turn out good, it's because the recipe is easy and it has taken me twice as long as the normal person to make it. I do jello pretty good and pudding is a snap! LOL
Please do not worry and say oh poor Dear Hubby never getting any cookies or pies...ever heard of Oreo or Sara Lee!
Well, I am off(not to bake) but to enjoy the snow that is falling and the smell of a pot roast I have cooking in the slow cooker. Have a nice dinner planned...what's for dessert you ask?....stone cookies dunked in coffee! HEHEHE
Go out, enjoy your day, bring back memories, tie them up with a ribbon,put them in a safe place in your heart to be remembered when ever you need a smile. Fill it to the brim Ladies, always!!
P.S. No husbands were harmed during the baking of any of this!

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Judys scraps said...

Oh my goodness Linda, how you make me laugh. I have the same luck, except I burn everything!! It is a bit better now, but oh my gosh anyone who comes to my house for dinner expects at least one item to be burned beyond recognition. I don't bake, I believe that someone needs a job, and baking is that job and I would rather buy something to keep that person working...get my drift here...same with pumping gas, I don't. There are no gas stations that do it for you anymore, cause everyone started doing it for themselves and all of those attendants lost their jobs...sounds good, but I think I am just too lazy, so Bob does all the gas filling in our cars...Anyway, thanks for the chuckle, I needed it today. Love you...Judy