Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ladies..can we talk..

You know those blinders they make for they make them to fit husbands??!! If you know of a place, please email me their address. I am going to be doing some shopping!!!
Picture this... We were going to start decorating the inside today. (We meaning I), went into office to start bringing out boxes (yup same boxes I went thru looking for the infamous charger) I start to put boxes in empty space in living room that will eventually have a tree in it (we(meaning hubby) also saves a colder than normal day to go cut down a tree) anyway, I have most of the boxes out and am feeling pretty good. When I hear hubby from the kitchen " ya know Dear (a word he only uses when he wants me to think one of his ideas is just so super) with all the extra food you will be picking up for Christmas, maybe we should clean out the pantry, you know just to make room, and check what you really need" ok, it does sound like a good idea. So stop bring boxes from the office, spend 15 minutes cleaning off the kitchen counter so I have a place to put items from the pantry. While I am doing this, I notice hubby (who's idea this all was) doing something with the carpet cleaning machine. Dear hubby has decided to take cleaner brushes totally apart and clean the whole machine. Guess where he plans on doing counter that I just cleaned off for pantry items. So now, I have boxes of decorations sitting in the livingroom, a carpet cleaner taken apart on the kitchen counter, a hubby who I love very much, but who needs blinders, so he can only focus straight ahead. My last words as I walked out of the kitchen " call me when you decide it's time to clean the pantry" !!!
So here I am on the computer, venting (but in a nice way) about a day in the life!
Married women, you know! Single women, looking to get married, check your patience level first. If it is high..go for it..if low...get some!!!
At the end of the day, the pantry will be clean, the carpet cleaner will be clean, and the boxes of decorations will still be sitting in the empty spot in the living room. With Dennis helping to clean out the pantry it will take most of the day (remember he is a perfectionist, remember the leaves) But... I will still love my hubby!!! Oh, a voice just said " Ya know Dear...maybe we should run to town and pick up some new plastic containers for some of the things in the pantry"
This could be a very long day!! Have a good one everyone! Fill yours with joy and memories, I know mine will be!!

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Gerrisscrapblog said...

Oh Linda, when I read this, I had to take off running to the bathroom
I was laughing so hard. You shouldn't to that to an old person.
I am sure every married woman can relate to this. It is so true!!!!!