Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's Saturday...

not morning, afternoon, but still time to write down some thoughts. I was supposed to watch Sam today while my son and Holly worked but no such luck! Scott doesn't have to, so he will stay home with Sam. I love my Grandson but I have to say today I am glad I don't have to go watch him. We have a pretty good snow storm coming our way and I am not sure I want to get stranded somewhere between their house and ours.
The weatherman has predicted 8 or more inches(I am so not ready for that much this soon) apparently our yard is not ready for it either...My hubby(who I love) is outside right now blowing the last of the leaves out of the yard into the ravine behind the house. Granted, there are some leaves out there, but excuse me, it's like 10* and windy. They will be there in the spring right!! It's okay, he can do his thing...but then he comes in and says" you know that area in front of the house(the same place I have been after him for years to dig up and replant with shrubs) why don't you come out and rake it up and then it will be ready to work on this spring" UUHH I think not Buddy!! When did I give him the idea that raking the yard on the first of December in the snow(that has now started to fall) was something I was oh so looking forward to ever doing??!! No, I think I will be in the house, fire in the fireplace, hot coffee right next to me, enjoying the view from the chair in front of the window. And yes Ladies, I mean the view of Dennis raking leaves in the snow, not the snow itself. LOL
Think I will also spend some time working on turning my hair a prettier shade of grey, by that I mean working on PSCS3. Oh that photoshop...what a sense of humor it has!!!
You all take care today my friends, fill this day to the brim as always with memories to cherish.
Love and Hugs to each of you!

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Gerrisscrapblog said...

You know Linda. I think you should take a picture of Dennis raking leaves in the snow. That would make a great page.

You have to love God for his sense of humor in creating men.

Mine raked leaves twice this year & says he isn't doing it anymore. Said he didn't put them there & let the person who did, rake them up.