Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Saturday Ladies....

It's that time of year when people get colds, it's wintertime for most of us and getting some sort of nose congestion going on is almost an unwritten law. If your like most people, you feel a cold coming on and you take some sort of medicine to try and relieve the symptoms..right??!!....Sure you do unless your my Dear Hubby...NO.. then you share your misery with the ones you love!
Again for married ladies out there, you know the routine, for you single girls..get a pen and take notes!!
Scene one--(1st day of cold) Hubby says "Dear I think I'm coming down with a slight cold"
Loving wife(that be me) says "oh, you poor baby, I'm so sorry you don't feel well"
Scene two--(2nd day of cold) Hubby says " I feel miserable, can't smell,nothing taste good, think I must have something worse than a cold" ( he doesn't, it's just a cold)
Loving wife(still me) says " Dear, why don't you take some of this cold medicine for you cold"?
Hubby says " No, nothing helps, I still feel miserable"
Loving wife (yup, me) says " Oh you poor baby, why don't you go lay down for awhile" ( it will get him off the recliner and into another room out of my range of vision)
Scene three--(4th day of cold) Hubby says " I am so sick, runny nose, congestion, can't sleep, can't taste(good time to try out that new recipe ladies) I just want to sit here in the recliner and be miserable"
Loving wife(?) says, and in the sweetest of voice "Maybe if you would have taken that cold medicine a couple days ago you would feel better"?
Hubby says "Nothing helps, a cold is a cold, just leave me alone" (oh the temptation)
Scene four-- ( 5th day of cold) Loving wife, now not speaking to Dear Hubby who says" Where's that cold medicine you've been nagging at me to take (it is not nagging, it is showing concern(right)
Loving wife(??) says,(still in that same sweet voice) "In the same place it was on day two"
Scene five--( 6th day of cold)Dear Hubby says" you know I think this cold is finally breaking, I feel much better"
Loving wife(???) says " Oh Dear, that is just wonderful" ( those are the words coming out of Loving wife's mouth that are audible) the other words in her mind are something like"if you had taken that medicine when I told you to..........

So, cold is gone from Dear Hubby, he feels good. He is going ice fishing today!! What is Loving wife doing you ask....Taking cold medicine, going to bed and pulling covers up over her head!!!

Enjoy your Saturdays Ladies, fill it to the brim as always with memories and laughter. Hugs to you all!!
P.S. No Hubby's were injured during this time and yes I still love him with all my heart!!


ScrappyMamaw (aka Jude) said...

Oh, my dear are so funny! I do so love your sense of humor. You should have been a writer, this is good stuff!! I can CERTAINLY relate to this little story!!!

Gerrisscrapblog said...

Are my husband & your's related?
This is exactly the same thing that happened to me.
Every time he catches a cold( which is about every 3 years) I end up with it. He keeps telling me that it's my own fault that I have it because I took it from him. I'm going to take something from him alright & it isn't going to be his cold. As soon as I get better, the man will pay!!!!!!!!!!!