Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ponderings on a Saturday morning(but without the song)

I am sitting here with what I think is my 3rd cup of coffee, not sure why because it is sooo strong and I usually make mine so weak you could read a newspaper thru it. Guess I need the caffeine this morning. Hubby made this pot before he left for bow hunting. Because we have our little 9 acres, he can hunt right behind the house. Makes me feel good that he is close if anything were to happen.
Ah back to my ponderings...

1. Why is it that your home seems to stay cleaner longer in the fall? Mine seems to anyway. Same two people and 3 dogs(who think they are people) live here year round, but come fall everything just seems to be in it's place more. Maybe it's because summer we are either busy doing stuff or it is just to flippin hot to do much of anything. At any rate, the house is clean, well except for the office, which after the charger incident, will never be the same.

2. Update on hubby wanting to move to ____________(fill in blank, latest hunting trip) I overheard him telling a friend on the phone last night about the hunting regulations in Kentucky. I guess that little cassette that I place under his pillow at night playing the word "Kentucky" over and over (subliminal messages) is starting to work. LOL

Short list this Saturday, have other things to do. I get to have Sam come visit for the weekend. Scott and Holly are going to visit a friend up towards Door county, so we get Sam the Man till Sunday. He is teething I think, so it should mean a long weekend for Grandma. It will also mean more pictures of Sam, and that's a good thing.
You all take care, fill your day to the brim with as much joy as you can fit in, smile, laugh and generally ENJOY!!!

Hugs and love to you all,

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