Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blind-sided by a memory

I went in to esnips to find a new song for the blog. Just a simple thing, no biggy. I was just looking around, listening to some of my favorite artist, when I spotted a song. One I have not heard in a very long time, years actually. I didn't remember that Tim Mcgraw sang it. (I have it added to my music here) So yup, blind-sided, but the memories weren't all bad.
You guys know Patti from the pages I have made with her in them. She was my sister, my friend. Believe me when I say, she was not some perfect saint who never did anything wrong, or used bad words( I heard her when it came to idiot drivers, she had a few favorites she could spout) She was always late, no matter what you could count on Patti to be the last one to arrive anywhere, guess that's what made Christmas eve so special, it never felt like it was complete till she walked in with her " Hi everybody, Merry Christmas, it was John's fault" or the dogs or the cats or traffic, not hers tho ever LOL! It was a tradition! She hated her hair, it was naturally curly, not the real curly, but just enough, she wanted straight hair, used to iron it, or set it on soda cans(remember that)She stole too, usually my clothes. Kind of borrow without telling me. You wouldn't believe what happened when she took one of my sweaters one time. Lets just say Wayne had to fix the bathroom door. She was a pack rat, she saved everything. She took after Grandma Sam that way. Used to drive her husband nuts, all the boxes of stuff in the basement.
So she was normal, just your everyday run of the mill kid sister, but she had qualities that made her so special, that if you were lucky enough to meet her, you were sure of a real friend for life. Heck, she even stayed good friends with the guys she had dated. When Patti passed away, the place she worked at had to shut down a whole department because everyone was at the cemetery. There were 45 cars in the processional. At her funeral, there were a few hundred names in the guest book. Standing room only for the service. All that were there considered Patti their friend, and she was. Nothing phoney about her at all. She was loved, and she loved right back.
Anyway, a few months after Patti died, I heard the song, "She can't be really gone" I only heard it back then a couple of time and then never heard it again. Until today. Yes, I sat and cried, because I miss her as much today as that Friday in June, and because my grandchildren will never get to see her smile or feel her love. But I also smiled because I remembered memories that will be with me always, from bathroom doors to Christmas eve singing duets in my shower, cus the acoustics were better. I thank God for giving us memories and for giving us Patti.
I thank you for letting me write this all down, something I guess I needed to do, it's that time of year when family is more important and more special.
I love you Kiddo, see you later!

Credits- Paper "be natural" kit by EvaKipler designs, daisies "Moss" by S&N Design


ScrappyMamaw (aka Jude) said...

Linda my friend, as I sit here with tears streaming down my face, I must tell you that this is the most beautiful tribute page that I have ever seen. I wish I could have known Patti because she must have been a very special person. Believe me when I say, I can feel your pain and I can also feel the love through this beautiful page and journaling. And it's so true..you will see her again.
I love you my dear friend.

Judys scraps said...

Oh my GOsh...I am crying again. This mirrors my brother Skippy so much. I guess I just need to do this for him. It has been eight years missing him. SOmetimes I am so mad at him for leaving me. We have more than one sould mate in our lives Linda, and Skip was one of mine as Patty is one of yours.I am sobbing now. His death anniversary was Oct 31. Still a lot of pain for me. Love ya and thanks for sharing...