Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some more jars for the pantry

Oh I love Apple Pie!! This was our project for the day, all together 16 quarts. Each one a pie in waiting. LOL We borrowed my daughters apple slicer/corer/peeler this time, wow that is one slick machine! I am loving that thing. As you can tell it really does not take alot to impress this girl. I think our pantry is now full for the year. Garden is done, oh shoot, forgot the Brussels sprouts! Anyone know what to do with them? My hubbies idea, (I am not lovin them) he wanted to try and grow them, ok they are grown, now what??
It was so nice here today, cool, but sunny, managed to hang clothes on the line and oh sheets do smell so good that way. Gee, I sound like a regular Susi Homemaker(sounds can be deceiving)
Anyway now I am off to finish making supper( venison stroganof with egg noodles) why I felt I had to tell you all that I am not sure.....and no I didn't shoot the venison or make my own noodles, that much of a susi homemaker i am not. Take care all, hope your day was filled to the brim with good stuff!

I used a kit from by MA3 not sure of the name of it, got it a long time ago.

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Judys scraps said...

Ummmm it sounds your apple pie!!