Friday, October 19, 2007

My "Vacation" almost over

Big Brave Hunter Hubby coming home tommorow night!! Yup I am happy, I really have missed him.
Remember the post that talked about how single girls might not understand all of it, well, here we go again.
Hubby begs and begs to buy brand new duck hunting layout blind, I give in let him buy it ( he really needs it can't hunt ducks without it, yeah right) gets it dirty, makes it all ready for hunting, found out today he used it once and it didn't work the way he thought it should, maybe next year he says!! (In your dreams I say(under my breath) The EPIC OF THE CHARGER...( office still looks like North Pole exploded)He took our Daughters video camera with him, had to have one to use.....found out today has not used it one time!!! My digital camera, (my baby,my memory lifeline, the one thing I would save in a fire yeah that camera) he took 4 pictures yesterday and 3 today. I take more pictures than that in an hour!! LOL

Oh new bit of info, he took two of our Labs with him. Both females, one fixed the other......she is coming home in doggy diapers....yup...a dog in heat is not the greatest hunter. Her mind was on other things. LOLOLOL
All in all I would say My Dear Hubby had a "Great" time. I know I did. He's talking about going again next year, wants to know if it would be ok...My answer.....Come on 2008!!!!!

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Gerrisscrapblog said...

Linda, Can we all send our husbands with yours next year?