Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas long ago

Bonnie, Patti, me (hiding behind my Mom), Susi and my brother David. I am not sure of the year. I know my brother was still in high school (the permed hair gave that away LOL) It had to be the 80's. Gosh we still have those same Christmas stockings!!
Brings back memories...makes me smile....makes me cry a bit too. We lost Patti to a very courageous battle with cancer. I can still hear her voice when she walked in on Christmas Eve " Merry Christmas everyone, sorry we're late"  (She was never on time) Memories...kind of a love/hate sort of thing. Glad we have them, but wish they ...oh I don't know...hard to explain.
Okay enough, back to work for me. Have cleaning and laundry to do...and figure out how to stay warm, wind chill is minus 38 here this morning...BRRRR!!!
Have a great one !!

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