Monday, February 25, 2013

Alittle play time before supper

Made a new qp today and wanted to make sure it all worked. I should have it up on the other blog later. No snow today!!! Can we all say WooHoo!!! Our driveway/skating rink might just have a chance to thaw, if the sun comes out!
Went to Zack's basketball tournaments on Saturday. The last game was a nail biter...the last 30 seconds were unreal, but they won and that's a good thing. Of course Miss KBB was there and ham that she is I got a few pics of her LOL have to start doing some more pages again, my picture file is getting full!!!
Well, Hubby is getting ready to feed the pups and I have supper to start so I best be gettin' goin'!
Take care Ladies, will try to be back on Saturday....till then "Fill it to the Brim" with just enough to always make you smile!!
Love and hugs...Always

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