Saturday, October 20, 2012

You know...I'd love to win the lottery..but

sometimes there are things... moments that are worth more than a million dollars. Today I had one of those moments. I checked my lottery ticket and decided as I looked at the numbers that God wants me to win....but $ 1.00 at a I put the $1 winner on the shelf and went down to check the mail. That's when the priceless moment happened. I received a Thank You card from a dear friend, one I have only met thru her words on a page she made, or a comment she left on one of my pages. As I opened the card, not knowing what I would find, I said a small thank you of my own, He is watching over her, He is keeping her safe and I am grateful.
Oh believe me, winning the lottery and building that bridge to Hawaii would be awesome...but to hold that card in my hands and know that what I did made someone smile...well she returned that smile to me and it made my day....I cant take it to the bank on the corner...but it is tucked safely in my heart.
When you "Fill it to the Brim" today, remember, no matter how small or insignificant something may seem.....To someone it is everything
Hugs and love to you all, Always

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