Saturday, August 25, 2012

Been awhile....

Seems like a really long time since I spent a Saturday morning in here with all of you...maybe that's because it has been. Dealing with my shin and the infection that followed has been ...oh how can I put this....THE PITS!!!!!!!!! I still have some type of infection in there, still red and sometimes warm to the touch, but Doc keeps saying how much better it looks.....Not from this end Bucko!!! I have been on two different types of antibiotics they seem to help a bit and then not so much. Leg is still swollen from the knee down and now he prescribed support if this were the middle of winter that might not be bad but Ladies it is summer and we are having 90* days again. Plus when the tag says is more like a pale, never seen the light of day, color. If it helps that will be fine. Ok enough complaining, I still have my leg and I can walk(for a while) so hey life is good!!
I have spent some time on the computer, made some qp's and even did a page for my bestest Bub Shirley. I am so far behind on pictures of the kids and pups but will get there.
This is what I did for my friend, I used an add-on kit by A-liya called "charmed" Shirley has some photos she wants me to work on for her so she will be coming over one of these days and I am thinking I will teach her how to use Elements....I think she would love doing this stuff.
Well my friends, I do have some things to catch up on, as long as I am wearing these pretty, helpful stockings I can be up and around a bit more and get some things done. A refrigerator screaming "Clean me out" comes to mind!!! I am off to make some memories, take some time to do the same and don't forget as always Ladies " Fill it to the Brim" it takes no more time than a blink of an eye and it is so worth it. Hugs and love to you all....Always

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Mats World said...

O so very happy to see you back on here! Hope the healing continues! Love the pages for Al. I am having problems with GIMP and trying to find a fix for it. Have a fabulous long weekend and enjoy it to the fullest! Hugs from me and the girls!