Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Too cold to do anything outside so.....

thought I would spend some time playing. LOL I took this photo Christmas Eve at Carin's. Finally got all the kids in one shot. Zack, Brick, Garrett and of course Beira. Yup have a feeling that as she starts to get to that dating age, the boys who would like to date her are going to have to pass inspection by these 3. They watch over her like you would not believe. I used a kit called "Traditions" by Kimeric Kreations. It was part of Blogtrain 2011.
And yes Miss G....Green Bay is mourning the loss on Sunday, but hey we did good this year and I am still 100% proud of our Packers. I must tell you all tho that Zack....He is a Giants fan, and Yankee fan and well anything to do with New York fan. So the outcome of the game made him a happy guy!
We were supposed to get an inch or two of snow today, instead got just a bit and then wow COLD!!!! Going to be 4* tonight and windy. Time for down quilt and flannel jammies!!!!!

Dogs are all curled up by the fireplace and if there was room, I would be too!!!!

Instead I am waiting for the oven cleaner gunk to do it's magic so I can clean that thing ( had a few spills at Christmas) it needs it.

Well ladies, I am going to go get another cup of coffee and maybe plow a field on farmville(yup I play that and it is getting so complex, more like a job than fun)

Take care my friends, love and hugs and wonderful moments wished for you all.

In case you forget....."Fill it to the Brim" with everything you hold dear and just a bit more for good measure!

Love ya all!!

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